This product is for marking caravan car parks or other soft areas. it is a proven safe product that does not come loose and is easily installed. Spacemarkers will flex and absorb movement so that they will stay in place. Spacemarkers can be installed in the rain or when the surface is damp, all that is needed is a spade, no fixings or mixing is necessary. The surface visible on installation can be made refelctive, coloured, check or glow in the dark. The color of company logos can be incorporated in checker patterns.

Space Marker Space Marker Space Marker

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Spacemarker is protected by a patent application.

Patent number: GB2484732

Spacemarker installtion as shown below;

The spacemarker is recieved ready for installtion.

Dig out a hole approximately 55cm x 45cm x 5cm deep. If necessary raise the spacemarker by the addition of stones at the centre.

Fill the hole back in tamping down the stone or earth on either side.